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Great Chicago Venues

It is time to check back in – we have been extremely busy all throughout October but we are definitely due for a post. Last night, Tuesday (Halloween!), we had a fantastic gig at the top of the Aon Center in the Mid-America Club. This is an amazing venue which takes up the entire 80th (top) floor of the building – incredible views in all 4 directions. The night before that, Monday, we had a great afternoon gig at the Grand Sheraton. In the past month we’ve also performed at the Art Institute, House of Blues, Chez, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Hilton, and many more.
I’m always amazed by the wide array of world-class venues we have here in Chicago. The choices are astounding, literally hundreds of phenomenal places to hold special events, all of them offering fantastic amenities, i.e. full kitchen and wonderful food, five-star chefs, great staff, beautiful rooms, top shelf drinks, and so on.
It occurs to me that one of the best perks about being in an awesome band which gets to perform all around Chicago is that we are invited into some of the most beautiful buildings and rooms in the country. If you are scouting around the Chicago area for the perfect place to hold your special event you will have more than your fair share of choices. And we hope to see you there!

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How about band and DJ?!

Well we don’t do it all the time but we have been asked more and more by the savvy clients in Chicago and farther afield to do a combo pack of the full dance band interspersed with DJ sets. I have to say it’s a pretty killer combination – the best of both worlds if you have any leanings towards one or the other. It covers all the bases and pleases all the dancers.
The best part is ANYTHING can be accomplished this way. Most people gravitate towards having a live band – there’s really no replacing the atmosphere of talented musicians giving it their all “right here, right now”. But on the other hand when there are certain pieces of music that some guests at a particular party really need to hear, having the DJ throw on the exact recording that’s known and loved absolutely does the trick.
For example, we’ve recently been asked at a few separate weddings and special events to play specific recordings of: Indian Bollywood music, Russian pop songs, and French rock ‘n roll. The DJ put together some killer set lists and it was a huge success every time. Between the dance band and the DJ sets everybody was dancing nonstop for 4 hours straight!
Contact us to find out if we can put together a great music package for you – we can and we will!

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Wonderful Event in April

We had the great privilege of providing the live music for a fantastic event earlier in the month at the River Roast here in downtown Chicago. We arranged quite a lot of music for the evening: a violin, cello duo; solo piano; saxophone, bass, drums jazz trio; and our eight-member dance band to cap the night. The River Roast is a beautiful venue right on the river as you might’ve guessed with fantastic views of the riverfront and downtown architecture, and the food is amazing.
Best of all, we received this really nice review. It was an honor to have the opportunity to put all of this together and I know everyone really had a blast!


We had The John Paris Band for our wedding on 4.1.17 and they were exceptional! They had the dance floor packed all night and the singers even came out into the crowd to dance and sing with us, which everyone LOVED. It was so much fun! I was worried about my wedding “timeline” and John assured me it would go smoothly and he had everything under control, and he was correct. He let me know when it was time for our first dance and kept the music on schedule. We used them for live music for our entire day -during our ceremony ( a string duo and it was beautiful) for piano during our cocktail hour (amazing) a jazz trio for dinner (so classy and enjoyable for everyone) and then for the reception dancing. It was perfect, and they definitely helped make our wedding one to remember. All of our guests keep telling us how much fun they had and how great our band was. Literally every guest was impressed. I would recommend them to anyone, you won’t be disappointed.


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Fantastic Event Venue in Chicago

The John Paris Band had the pleasure of being invited to perform at a wonderful event at the Montgomery Club this last week. We’ve performed at this venue several times previously and it is always a great experience. This is one of those special places where the venue really makes the event a huge success as soon as the guests walk through the door. The Montgomery Club is run by Gibson’s Steakhouse (so you know the food is going to be aces) but it is strictly a special events venue and not a restaurant.
The decor is done entirely in a Great Gatsby, roaring 20s style – very elegant and classy with a retro, art deco look. And unlike many special events venues it has a full restaurant grade kitchen on-site – naturally the food is one of the main attractions. The management and staff are all super friendly and very helpful. The place is actually very down to earth and cozy feeling.
Everyone had a ball, it was a really great night, and the music fit the atmosphere perfectly. We had our fantastic pianist, Kevin, performing on the house grand piano for cocktails and then our jazz quintet, looking sharp in tuxedos, with our outstanding female vocalist, Michele, for dinner and on into the night.
This is one of our favorite places to perform. It’s always an honor and we’re looking forward to getting back there soon!

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DJ Services

Here at JPE we get asked all the time, “Do you provide DJ services?” This is a question that has come up several times in the last month alone so it seems like a good opportunity to address it here. First of all, the answer is a resounding yes. Our very own DJ Mike Bruno does a fantastic job on the turntables (Sorry kids, that’s the way we used to do it back in the day. No longer, I know. Force of habit I guess.)
DJ Mike Bruno is also our head sound technician and has all of the latest equipment at his disposal including a database of over 75,000 songs – whether it’s oldies, pop, rock, disco, soul, Latin, Motown, top 40, or even French ballads from the 1920s if that’s your thing, Mike definitely has it on hand and ready to rock your party.
A lot of clients come to us for a mix of some sort, i.e. a music program for the night that involves both live musicians and DJ services. For example, we have an event coming up in March featuring a jazz trio for the cocktail hour, DJ services for dinner, and our dance band for the reception. We have another one coming up after that in April which moves the pieces around a little bit – solo piano for the cocktail hour, a jazz trio for dinner, and DJ services for the reception.
I guess the moral of the story here is we do it all! Whatever it is you’re looking for when it comes to top-of-the-line professional music in Chicago we will be willing, happy and able to provide. We would love to be a part of your special event – write us today for a free quote!

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Destination Weddings

The John Paris Band has been asked more and more frequently to travel outside of the general Chicago area to perform at weddings and other special events. We’ve got several things lined up already in Wisconsin and Michigan and will surely see more. That’s a destination event for us at least! We love to do these and they are always a blast. Hopefully we will have the chance to travel further afield again this year – possibly even Cancun or Las Vegas again.
For many couples Chicago itself seems to be a growing destination wedding location. We’ve performed for many people who have found that Chicago is a great “let’s all meet in the middle” city with an endless supply of great hotels, special event venues, restaurants, and event pros of all kinds including, of course, musicians.
If you are looking into Chicago as a destination for your wedding or special event don’t hesitate to ask us for a free quote – we’ve got the best dance band and small groups in town. Or if you are looking to hire some top-of-the-line Chicago musicians for something outside Illinois feel free to inquire about our medium distance and long distance rates – we love to travel!

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Ring in the new year with music!

Hello 2017! January is commonly when people start organizing their weddings and special events for the coming year and booking their vendors. Choosing the right vendor is an integral part of putting together a fantastic evening. Whether it’s caterers, linens, florals, photography, or entertainment, picking the right pieces of the puzzle add up to big successes.
We all know music is one of the most important things to think about when creating a wonderful atmosphere of fun and elegance. The John Paris Band/John Paris Ensembles have been creating beautiful music in and around Chicago for over ten years at hundreds of weddings and other special events. Whether it is an eight piece dance band, solo piano, jazz trio, string quartet or countless fantastic groups, we do it all! The best musicians in Chicago at very reasonable rates.

Contact us today for a free quote and Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year from John Paris Band

Happy New Year to one and all from the family at John Paris Band in Chicago!

May your wedding dreams and wishes come alive in 2017.



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A Vote For John Paris Ensembles

It’s almost election day and many of you have already cast your votes.  That gets us at JPE reflecting on how many time the Politicians have cast their vote …. for John Paris Ensembles.  We’ve had the honor of playing for ambassadors, mayors, aldermen, senators, many many governors and even a vice president or two.  No doubt they call upon JPE because they know they can count on us to get the job done which means the right music, on time, on budget every time.  We come through for them and we will for you too!

Chicago Party and Event Music | John Paris Band, Chicago’s choice for amazing, live Wedding and event music | Call: 773-742-2553 | #chicagoeventmusic #chicagowedding #celebrationmusic #vicepresidentmusic

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Pumpkin Spice Playlist


It’s that time of year where everything is pumpkin spice and at JPE we are thinking of what to put on our fall wedding playlists.

Here are some suggestions we received from our clients.

What would be on your fall wedding playlist?  Let us know!

September,  Earth, Wind and Fire
Autumn Leaves,  Nat King Cole
Harvest Moon,  Neil Young
Autumn in New York,  Billie Holiday
Send Me On My Way,  Rusted Root
I Will Wait,  Mumford & Sons
Rivers & Roads,  The Head & The Heart
Autumn Sweater,  Yo La Tengo
Moon River,  Henry Mancini
Into the Mystic,  Van Morrison
Skinny Love,  Bon Iver
Constellations,  Jack Johnson
California Dreaming,  The Mamas & The Papas
Time of The Season,  The Zombies
It Might as Well Rain Until September,  Carole King
Girl From the North Country,  Bob Dylan

Chicago Wedding & Event Music | John Paris Band, Chicago’s choice for amazing, live Wedding and event music | Call: 773-742-2553 |‪#‎chicagoeventmusic‬ ‪#‎chicagowedding‬

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