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How about band and DJ?!

Well we don’t do it all the time but we have been asked more and more by the savvy clients in Chicago and farther afield to do a combo pack of the full dance band interspersed with DJ sets. I have to say it’s a pretty killer combination – the best of both worlds if you have any leanings towards one or the other. It covers all the bases and pleases all the dancers.
The best part is ANYTHING can be accomplished this way. Most people gravitate towards having a live band – there’s really no replacing the atmosphere of talented musicians giving it their all “right here, right now”. But on the other hand when there are certain pieces of music that some guests at a particular party really need to hear, having the DJ throw on the exact recording that’s known and loved absolutely does the trick.
For example, we’ve recently been asked at a few separate weddings and special events to play specific recordings of: Indian Bollywood music, Russian pop songs, and French rock ‘n roll. The DJ put together some killer set lists and it was a huge success every time. Between the dance band and the DJ sets everybody was dancing nonstop for 4 hours straight!
Contact us to find out if we can put together a great music package for you – we can and we will!

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