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Great Chicago Venues

It is time to check back in – we have been extremely busy all throughout October but we are definitely due for a post. Last night, Tuesday (Halloween!), we had a fantastic gig at the top of the Aon Center in the Mid-America Club. This is an amazing venue which takes up the entire 80th (top) floor of the building – incredible views in all 4 directions. The night before that, Monday, we had a great afternoon gig at the Grand Sheraton. In the past month we’ve also performed at the Art Institute, House of Blues, Chez, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Hilton, and many more.
I’m always amazed by the wide array of world-class venues we have here in Chicago. The choices are astounding, literally hundreds of phenomenal places to hold special events, all of them offering fantastic amenities, i.e. full kitchen and wonderful food, five-star chefs, great staff, beautiful rooms, top shelf drinks, and so on.
It occurs to me that one of the best perks about being in an awesome band which gets to perform all around Chicago is that we are invited into some of the most beautiful buildings and rooms in the country. If you are scouting around the Chicago area for the perfect place to hold your special event you will have more than your fair share of choices. And we hope to see you there!

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