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DJ Services

Here at JPE we get asked all the time, “Do you provide DJ services?” This is a question that has come up several times in the last month alone so it seems like a good opportunity to address it here. First of all, the answer is a resounding yes. Our very own DJ Mike Bruno does a fantastic job on the turntables (Sorry kids, that’s the way we used to do it back in the day. No longer, I know. Force of habit I guess.)
DJ Mike Bruno is also our head sound technician and has all of the latest equipment at his disposal including a database of over 75,000 songs – whether it’s oldies, pop, rock, disco, soul, Latin, Motown, top 40, or even French ballads from the 1920s if that’s your thing, Mike definitely has it on hand and ready to rock your party.
A lot of clients come to us for a mix of some sort, i.e. a music program for the night that involves both live musicians and DJ services. For example, we have an event coming up in March featuring a jazz trio for the cocktail hour, DJ services for dinner, and our dance band for the reception. We have another one coming up after that in April which moves the pieces around a little bit – solo piano for the cocktail hour, a jazz trio for dinner, and DJ services for the reception.
I guess the moral of the story here is we do it all! Whatever it is you’re looking for when it comes to top-of-the-line professional music in Chicago we will be willing, happy and able to provide. We would love to be a part of your special event – write us today for a free quote!

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